Private tuition

You want personal tuition in exactly the things you know you need to learn. You can book us to work with you on a one to one basis. You can design your own little course. You can even bring friends and save some money with a group booking. We regularly are working with photographers on a one on one basis. This can vary from three hours through to three days. Some people work with us on a weekly basis, while others work with us monthly or when they are ready. Most common private tuition learning topics are; monitor calibration, printing, digital imaging & software tuition, mentoring, camera handling and critiquing of portfolios.


Photographic Mentoring

Len's School offers private photographic mentoring in a range of different formats to suit your personal needs. Len has worked with clients on a one on one basis for a number of years through to a short one hour session. Len finds that a three hour session once every six weeks works well, but the reality is the regularity of the sessions depends on your output. Some people work slowly and there fore sessions need to be further apart, while others work frantically and can benefit from regular sessions.


Photography business mentoring

So you're ready to start a photography business? You will grow quicker with a photography business coach. Let us help you design, set up and even manage your photography business. We have been mentoring photography businesses for many years.


Location guiding

Looking for a guide to somewhere special for your next photograph. Be guided by a local or by someone who knows the venue like the back of their hand.


  • The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area
  • Australian canyons
  • Australian climbing cliffs
  • Sydney
  • Coastal NSW
  • Northern Territory
  • Central Australia
  • Tasmania


Portfolio Critiques

A portfolio critique from someone as experienced as Len Metcalf is invaluable. Use it figure out your direction, or sort out your strengths. It is always one of those moments when a group of people gather around to hear his comments about someone's photographs. After large group critiques it is often commented that Len has an unusually positive and encouraging manner.

Bring with you a heap of images. The more the better. For best results prints seem to work better than digital files. There is something quiet informative about grouping and putting images together to see similarities.

Three hours is the best time to allocate for a critique. Though Len is happy do shorter or longer sessions, he finds three hours just about right.

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