Creative Learning Partnerships

The two components of the Lens School logo represent the learner and the teacher. A yin / yang balance if you like. Carefully moulding to fit each other. The teacher and educational methods adjusting to fit the individual learner. Notice how it is uneven, rather than perfect, allowing for tiny variations in the learner needs.  A true learning partnership.

Another way to look at the Lens School logo is the interactions between each learner in the course. Sharing knowledge and teaching others is a fantastic way to anchor your own learning. It forces us to be clear and concise. We can all learn from each other. Another learning partnership is formed; one between you and the other learners, under the careful guidance of our expert facilitator / teacher.

Camel Rock, Merimbula, South Coast NSW, Australia - © Leonard Metcalf 2015

The reality is that no two of Lens School's classes are ever exactly the same. We adjust and change to suit every individual group and client.  We start each program asking you what you want to get from it. We do our best to meet these needs. Your individual needs.

We spend a lot of time analyzing your work. Picking out your strengths and reinforcing them.

We believe in the power of positive thinking. This is very true for photography as much as it is true for learning other skills, knowledge or even attitudes. It is doubly true for learning things such as creativity and artistic skills. Creatives blossom quickly and beautifully in a positive and encouraging environment. We work very hard to create that environment.

We will teach you how to critique your work and the work of others by using clearly structured techniques that are carefully designed to encourage and support you. We do this by critiquing each others work. By delving into the work of others you will gain a deeper understanding of your own work.  We are careful with error correction and keep it very specific and targeted at improvements you can easily make and grasp.  Good critiques take time as does becoming proficient at critiquing work.  Critiquing is a crucial step forward in your development as a creative.

We believe that visual mediums such as photography draw on a larger visual language, such as film, painting, drawing and other visual arts. We can even learn from architects and graphic designers, sculptors and musicians.  We take this information and present it to you in clear and concise ways and show you how they relate to photography as a medium.

To get better with your work, you are encouraged to take small steps, rather than unmanageable leaps forward. You're encouraged to work on the areas you need to right now.

Lens School prides itself in its innovate photography teaching methods. We work hard to ensure you can grow in a positive, supportive and highly educational environment.

We believe that our job is to become redundant as your teachers and mentors. We work hard at getting you independent quickly and at an appropriate pace.     

We are different to other photography education providers, because we come from an educational background. Len has been a teacher / lecturer since 1984. He has taught for hundreds of Blue Chip companies, TAFE NSW, the University of Technology, Sydney, most of Sydney's best schools and with youth at risk and people with special needs. Len is considered a leading expert in education in Australia, and has designed countless innovative educational program's that have become widely regarded as industry leaders in their fields. Len has been training educators since the early nineties.  He was a tenured lecturer in Adult Education in the Faculty of Education at Australia's leading Adult Education School.  Len trains, mentors, supervises and oversees the design of every learning program we offer.

Photography and education / teaching are Lens lifelong passions. Ones he commits too on a daily basis striving to become the best in both fields.  Lens School is your unique opportunity to benefit from this unique combination of rare talents.  You won't find this combination crafted together so beautifully at other photography schools or indeed in many of the countless tour providers out there.