Len’s Photography Exercises

Weekly learning challenges to sharpen your photography skills, seeing and Creativity

These photography exercises are designed to help you develop your photography skills and knowledge. They are your practice sessions. They are the artistic equivalent of practicing your musical scales.

Please post your photographs that address each exercise in the comments below and discuss what they are teaching you.

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The new exercise gets announced Monday morning, via email.


For maximum benefit join with my other photography students and complete each new exercise as it is released, and post your photographic answer in the comments below each exercise. Then take a moment to join in the conversation.

Please use your name when registering for the comments, as we all love to know who we are talking too. I ask that you keep all feedback positive and supportive. Please flag any negative or disparaging comments and I will remove them and contact the author.

You need to be logged into the discus comment system before you try to comment or upload a photograph.

I would like to see that this becomes a great learning community. It is a great way to stay connected with me as your teacher if you are a past student. It is also a great way to get to know my teaching if you are interested in learning more.

I believe in encouraging you to be your best. To create for yourself. To enjoy photography. To always grow and improve.

Here you won’t find me telling you many answers. Instead you will find me asking you questions and giving you exercises to expand your knowledge, skills and attitudes about your photography.

If you are enjoying these, then please pass this on to other photographers. The more the merrier.

Please do enjoy. I hope you get as much out of doing these that I do.




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Camera Craft

Sharpen your camera techniques


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