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Create better photographs in unique boutique photo tours, workshops and amazing photo shoots with master educator & photographer Len Metcalf


Unique boutique small group photo tours

Photographic tours with Len Metcalf are something quite different from the usual. Itineraries are flexible to suit the changing needs of the group, the weather and photographic opportunities. We often return to the same location after processing and critiquing the images, so that you can retry and catch that beautiful photograph. Each tour is with a small group. Inclusions: quality personal accommodation, transport and quality meals. Be spoiled with individual tuition and personalised coaching throughout the tour, and come home with some stunning photographs and prints. Gentle tours without the stressful run around or the pressure of physical exertion. Most tours are limited to 4 participants so your personal attention and tuition is guaranteed. 

short Lens

Short photo shoots and workshops. From a couple of hours through to a day. See what is on offer in and around Sydney in the next few weeks. Social and fun. Learn. Develop your portfolio.

Len's master series

Take your photography to the next level with these amazing programs. Designed for the enthusiast or aspiring professional. Longer programs where your progress is facilitated and you're gently guided in your development.

These programs are social and supportive. They are based on regular contact with your peers and your mentor / teacher.

These programs have a common core of working on your own projects over an extended period of time. Presenting your work for critique and feedback. The program forces you to continue on your projects until you achieve a meaningful series of images. When you develop your skills in one genre, with one subject, and with one method you will find the rest of your photography improves as well. 'Len's master class' includes presentations and content to develop your skills and knowledge, while 'Focused Lens' has been stripped bare of the content and concentrates solely on your work.  Download the master class brochure here here.

The landscape master class is also stripped of accommodation, meals and transport to keep the cost to a minimum. Here you study landscape photography in the classroom, then head out for the best light in directed excursions into the Blue Mountains landscape. 


  • I found the mentor sessions incredibly helpful and Len very insightful. This has rekindled the passion that first made me take up photography and led to the freedom of having more than one project on the boil at a time – keeping the momentum and enthusiasm alive for each one.

    Cynthia Coghill

  • Len’s teaching and leadership has helped me to create a style of my own that I am comfortable with, but I’m also willing now to try different ways to communicate with my audience. I have learnt to watch the light more and be patient, both with myself and the subject. I believe I will continue now to grow as a photographer thanks to Lens class. I cannot thank him enough.

    Dot Radley

  • In your own quiet way you have allowed me to discover a photographer within that I had not previously been confident enough to recognise.   I started the year knowing I loved photography but not knowing if I had the potential to be really good at it.

    Shirley Steel

  • Len's artistic talent combined with his teaching expertise is a formidable combination. I have no doubt that we will hear from Leonard in the years ahead. I have great pleasure in commending this young man to anyone seeking a talent in these fields.

    George Schwarz 1988

  • The year spent with you has been one of the highlights of my life and corrected the photographic dead-end I was on, not realising it but the road was getting narrower and would probably have petered out. Boy have things changed - the full joy and pleasurable challenge has returned; I have made a Learning Contract and 5 weeks into it am going energisedly (if that's a word) strong.

    Paul Hulbert

  • I had a fantastic time doing the Master Class, sitting around a table with other like minded individuals discussing photography and getting critiques was a major step in taking my photography to the next level. 

    Ben Coope

  • I'm still persuing the learning journey which commenced in Len's Master Class and enjoying the rewards.

    Kay Gordon

  • I enjoyed the Master Class very much, I learnt a lot, and I met a great group of people who have inspired me to take my photography further. I hope to do more with this group and Len in the future.

    Sue Lightfoot

  • To all who wish to learn photography at Len's School - Len is a fantastic mentor, teacher and a great friend.

    Shayne Cocks

  • With all the workshops etc I have attended, I have found your input the most effective and I still refer to things you taught me.

    Colin Gabriel

  • If you are looking for a guide to show you some of the unique locations within the Blue Mountains, I recommend Leonard for both his knowledge of the area, and his photographic knowledge.

    Craig Griffiths

  • Just a short note to say thank you for such a wonderful week-end of photography. I feel far more confident in changing settings and exploring more – you were patient and generous with your time and I thank you.

    Marilyn Norris

  •  Len even has the ability to make the dull, dry and boring interesting and exciting. He is an extremely talented educator of vast experience – I have not yet met his equal in some thirty years.

    Christopher Brown

  • Many people are great photographers - but you are also a particularly effective teacher as well - and that's rare!! I'd really like to continue in some way to work with you but I'll be in contact about that once I've thought a few things through.


    Fiona Huddleston

  • I just wanted to thank you for a great weekend.  The scenery, the food, the photography help,the learning opportunities and the organisation were all excellent. Thanks again.

    Helen Smith

  • A fine photographer and genuine contributor to the medium.

    Gordon Undy

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