The Fine Art Print Makers Workshop


The Fine Art Print Makers Workshop

from 200.00

Spend a weekend with Len Metcalf in his Willoughby Studio learning the fine art of printing. Inkjets have reached a stunning level of quality. In this workshop Len will take you through his printing workflow in Lightroom (and Photoshop). Over the weekend we will print some of your work. Set up your own printing presets and prepare you to print at home.

13th - 14th April 2019


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Are you struggling with creating captivating photographic prints from your ink jet printer?

Confused by all the possible settings?

Don’t have a work flow?

Well, here is one simple answer. Come and spend a weekend workshop at Len’s Studio in Willoughby.

Len will show you his workflow. From downloading, processing for printing, noise reduction, sharpening, and printing.

Len will check and help you set up your own Lightroom Presets on your computer for your printer.

You will print your own photographs during the workshop. This is a hands on workshop. You will leave the workshop with some stunning prints, and a selection of examples on Len’s favorite papers.

“Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication.”

falsely attributed to Leonard DaVinci

Len will teach you how to set up a simple printing workflow. Repeatable. Hassle Free


What you will learn:

  • Len’s Lightroom based workflow

  • Len’s simplified printing workflow

  • Preparing files for printing

  • Sharpening

  • Noise Reduction

  • Printer options (choosing and purchasing an inkjet printers)

  • Printing bureaus (the cheap, the bad, the economic, the professional and the wonderful)

  • Monitor selection & calibration

  • Viewing prints & setting up viewing lighting

  • Print drivers

  • Printer controls colour / Photoshop controls colour

  • Using test strips to save paper

  • Choosing inkjet printing papers

  • Setting up presets

  • Modifying presets

  • Using inkjet mediums

  • Printing stunning monochrome prints

  • Trouble shooting printing problems

  • Handling your prints

  • Care and long term storage of prints

  • Matting and presenting your prints


13th - 14th April 2019

9.00 am - 5.30 pm


Len’s Studio

12 Third Avenue

Willoughby East NSW 2068



Returning client save 10% on this workshop

AUD200 deposit is required to book your spot


A minimum of two clients is required for this workshop to go ahead. Maximum of six clients so you always are in a small group1

By booking you are agreeing to Len's School Terms and Conditions, as outlined here.