Len's personalised weekend workshop

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Len's personalised weekend workshop

from 950.00

A weekend with Len Metcalf in Katoomba, in the stunning Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.  Here you get individual attention and we can work on the skills you identify.  Photography technique, post processing, and printing. Bring a friend and save.

"I spent two full days recently with Len, learning to use a Fotoman 617 panoramic camera and an Ebony 4x5" view camera.I had never been to a photographic workshop or had any photographic tuition, and I really wasn't too sure what to expect.

Len impressed me with his extensive knowledge and mastery of various photographic techniques.He communicated well and was flexible enough to accommodate any request.I would have no hesitation in recommending Len to anybody wanting to take their photography to the next level, and with the added bonus of the Blue Mountains as the setting, you couldn't really ask for more." - Richard McLean

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Spend a weekend with Len Metcalf at a destination in the greater Sydney area.  We design the workshop to suit your needs together. Location shoots of your choosing. Camera and photography techniques taught to you at your pace. We will help you with your post processing and printing. Critical professional feedback will help you grow as a photographer. 

Come by yourself or bring a friend and save. You can also bring a group and save even more.

The workshop includes meals in local coffee shops & resturants.  If you would like an even cheaper workshop, we can take the meals out of the workshop fees.

As a private workshop, spread over three days. Starting on the afternoon of your arrival, with the two full days following, the dates and timing is negotiable. Despite being advertised as a weekend, it is possible to run this mid week, or during holidays to suit you and your group.


Len has been teaching photography since the eighties. His signature class was a year long Master Class aimed at serious intermediate photographers. What follows is the list of presentations he taught during that course. It is included here as a prompt for you to delve into as possible sessions you may wish to include in your personalised workshop.

Technical Lens

Camera craft & control
Lens choice
Sharpness & focus                  
Bokeh & blurr
Critiquing photographs techniques and practice
Positive pyschology
Photography for impact verse photography for contemplation
Technical verse emotional photography
Begin to explore the work of master photographers and artistic philosophers
Develop an understanding of the elements of composition
The Power of Lightroom
Work flow
Keeping it simple
Colour management
Colour spaces
Colour temperature

Creative Lens

Overcoming creative blocks
The creative brain and creative process
Learning to see
The command to look
Strategies for idea generation
Positive self talk
Creative visualization
Photographic visualization
Creative processes of the masters
Golden sections & Fibonacci
Gestualt composition theory
Colour theory
Colour meanings
Conceptual art
RGB, CYMK, YRB colour wheels
Analogous colours, complementary opposites, triads, colour harmonies

Black and White Lens

Digital black and white
Natural lighting
Hollywood lighting
Quiet Light
Rembrandt lighting
Tonal composition
Leading lines
Luminance & the dance of the highlights
Depth - atmospheric perspective verse liner perspective
Digital black and white workflow
Head shots
Posing the figure
Street photography

Exhibiting Lens

Writing your own artist statement
Creating a portfolio
Online presentation and publishing, including photo blogs, online galleries and websites
Going to press
Publishing a photography book
Curating your own work
How to organise an exhibition
How the art world works
Dealing with art galleries
Price pointing
Marketing and publicity
Branding yourself
Finding an audience
Designing a website
The beauty of paper
Soft proofing
Pre press preparation
Digital printing
Inkjet prints
Archival issues
Framing and mounting
Collecting photography
Ongoing learning and development     

To organise a date please use the contact form bellow, or pick up the phone and call Len on 1300 85 81 69

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