Len's Master Class 2019

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Len's Master Class 2019

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Spend a year developing your photography skills with Len Metcalf in this unique opportunity.  In bi monthly workshops you will study with Len Metcalf and learn everything from camera skills to printing and exhibiting your photographs. 

This is the course that started Len's career in photography education. Len hasn't offered this opportunity in half a decade. 

Run during the second weeks in Feburary, April, June, August, October & December 2019

AUD$4950 reduced from AUD$6500 for 2019 only

"Len's master class took my photography to the next level. I enjoyed the class very much, learnt a lot, met a great group of people. It inspired me to take my photography to take my photography further."    - Sue


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Testimonials for Len's Master Class

Len’s fantastic ability to make everyone feel comfortable was vital, especially when critiquing other people’s work. The bond between the class members is very strong and supportive. This was even more apparent on our outings. The days were not just for learning and sharing knowledge, but were for having fun.

The homework and projects that were set not only enabled us to use the information learnt in our own work, but allowed Len to guide us to produce some outstanding work throughout the year. This culminated in an end of year exhibition. This was daunting at the beginning of the year, but with the extra knowledge and confidence gained throughout the year, it became an exciting prospect.

Len’s teaching and leadership has helped me to create a style of my own that I am comfortable with, but I’m also willing now to try different ways to communicate with my audience. I have learnt to watch the light more and be patient, both with myself and the subject. I believe I will continue now to grow as a photographer thanks to Lens class. I cannot thank him enough.
— Dot Radley


Len's Master Class is designed specifically for the photography enthusiast that wants to learn as much as they can in one year. A photographer who is willing to study and work on projects between the bi-monthly workshops will benefit the most from this year-long course.

We start at the beginning. Len shows you around your camera, and we clear up misconceptions and get into getting the most from your camera. Len teaches you how to control your camera.  Len ensures you know how to capture sharp photographs. You will learn how to control the depth of field.

Len will show you how to process your photographs with Lightroom. He will teach you how to get the most from your original photographs. He will show you how to print your work through a service bureau or with your own inkjet printer.

Len will show you how we communicate through the medium of the visual arts. He will show you the secrets of composition. He teaches you how to create a photograph that captures the viewer's attention and keep it. Len will show you how to create a timeless artwork that captivates the viewer.


Yearly Program Outline



12th - 14th February 2019 - Willoughby East

  • Introductions
  • What is a photograph?
  • What makes a great photograph
  • Correct exposure
  • Apertures and depth of field
  • Creating sharp photographs
  • Workflows
  • Preparing your photographs for printing
  • Critique of your photographs
  • Explanation & exploration of homework and assignments


9th - 11th April 2019 - Blackheath

Len is a master of adult education to the point where you assimilate information without even realising it. I was guided to focus in new areas of photography revealing strengths that I did not know I had. It challenged and stretched me well beyond any of the photographic courses I had done before. I am completing the course with a much greater depth of knowledge; of skills; of confidence and a vibrant excitement with photography. The dynamics of the group, gently guided by Len, contributed greatly to the best course I have ever done.”


”Hello Len,
Well the wonderful break is behind you and now embarking on more adventures to be fully supported by photography. From your newsletter all sounds very exciting and potential for a blossoming future. I just wanted to send you a note wishing you the very best for this afternoon, evening and the same again tomorrow - Master Classes.

The year spent with you has been one of the highlights of my life and corrected the photographic dead-end I was on, not realising it but the road was getting narrower and would probably have petered out. Boy have things changed - the full joy and pleasurable challenge has returned; I have made a Learning Contract and 5 weeks into it am going energisedly (if that’s a word) strong. So again thank you and warm wishes, and I am pleased for your participants as they are in for a wonderful time. See you in the future.
— Paul Hulbert
  • Processing your photographs to get the most out of them
  • Composition - the language of the visual arts
  • The ethics of photography
  • How much processing is enough
  • Review of homework
  • Critique of your photographs
  • Explanation & exploration of homework and assignments


12th & 13th June 2019 - Kiama (11th Tuesday evening start)

  • Monochrome - Understanding the use of tone 
  • Creating black and white photographs
  • Model shoot 
  • Portraiture and photographing the figure
  • Creativity and being a visual artist
  • Review of homework
  • Critique of your photographs
  • Explanation & exploration of homework and assignments


6th - 8th August 2019 - Norah Head Lighthouse - Central Coast

  • Abstract Photography
  • Colour Theory - understanding how colour works in visual art
  • Making photographic books
  • Critique of your photographs
  • Explanation & exploration of homework and assignments
  • Night photography at Norah Head Lighthouse


9th & 10th October 2019 - Katoomba (plus evening of the 8th)

  • Three day workshop
  • Flowers, flowers and flowers...
  • Flower festival - coincides with Leura Flower Festival on surrounding weekends
  • Note this is near the Long weekend NSW Holiday Weekend
  • Macro photography
  • Setting up a still life photograph and lighting it
  • Critique of your photographs
  • Explanation & exploration of homework and assignments


10th - 12th December 2019 - Willoughby East

  • Mounting and framing your photographs
  • Making portfolios
  • Websites
  • Final projects due
  • Critique of your photographs
  • Explanation & exploration of homework and assignments



The course this year has been fabulous. When I reflect on what I have learnt, it is very difficult to describe. At one level it is easy. I have learnt many new techniques and I have connected with a much broader photographic community than previously.

The aspect that is more difficult to put into words, is the way I have grown and matured as a photographer. Your course has given me structure, it has challenged me in ways that I have never been challenged before, it has made me think in a new ways and it has given me the confidence to take risks with my photography.

In your own quiet way you have allowed me to discover a photographer within that I had not previously been confident enough to recognise. I am now attempting different types of photography than before. You have helped me discover what my strengths are, or more importantly, what my photographic strengths can be. I find myself speaking about my work with more confidence than ever before. I’m not afraid to use photographic and artistic language in discussions about my work. You’ve given me language I can use and you’ve believed in my photography enough for me to feel pride in what I’ve produced this year. This in itself is a major outcome. I started the year knowing I loved photography but not knowing if I had the potential to be really good at it.
— Shirley Steel

Master Class Outcomes


  1. Produce a number of cohesive photographic projects
  2. Print, mat, frame and present your own photographs
  3. Write an artist’s statement
  4. Complete a self-portrait project
  5. Find your voice and develop your own style
  6. Participate in a group show
  7. Immerse yourself in photography for a year and take many photographs
  8. Complete a series of photographic exercises to build your visual literacy
  9. Discover new visual influences
  10. Gain confidence as a photographer
  11. Practice and improve your photo critiquing skills
  12. Develop your own style and aesthetic
  13. Make new friends
  14. Build a photographic community
  15. Inspire and help others with their photography
  16. Enjoy yourself
  17. Laugh


You will be encouraged and supported if you choose to

  1. Curate your own exhibition
  2. Develop a business plan
  3. Publish a book
  4. Produce a calendar
  5. Design a website of your work
  6. Create a set of greeting cards or postcards
  7. Develop and maintain a photoblog
  8. Complete a photograph a day challenge
  9. Start a new career 


You might even

  1. Grow in new areas
  2. Develop new friends
  3. End up somewhere you didn't expect
Had a fantastic time doing the Master Class, sitting around a table with other like minded individuals discussing photography and getting critiques was a major step in taking my photography to the next level. Thanks to Len for all his help and support.
— Ben Coope
I enjoyed the Master Class very much, I learnt a lot, and I met a great group of people who have inspired me to take my photography further........I hope to do more with this group and Len in the future.........
— Sue Lightfoot

Master Class Content

  • Camera craft & control
  • Lens choice
  • Sharpness & focus                  
  • Bokeh & blur
  • Critiquing photographs techniques and practice
  • Positive psychology
  • Photography for impact verse photography for contemplation
  • Technical verse emotional photography
  • Begin to explore the work of master photographers and artistic philosophers
  • Develop an understanding of the elements of composition
  • The Power of Lightroom
  • Workflow
  • Keeping it simple
  • Colour management
  • Colour spaces
  • Colour temperature
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • The creative brain and creative process
  • Learning to see
  • The command to look
  • Strategies for idea generation
  • Positive self-talk
  • Creative visualization
  • Photographic visualization
  • Creative processes of the masters
  • Journals
  • Golden sections & Fibonacci
  • Composition (yes, again!)
  • Colour theory
  • Colour psychology
  • Conceptual art
  • RGB, CYMK, YRB colour wheels
  • Analogous colours, complementary opposites, triads, colour harmonies
  • Digital black and white
  • Natural lighting
  • Hollywood lighting
  • Quiet Light
  • Rembrandt lighting
  • Chiaroscuro 
  • Tonal composition
  • Leading lines
  • Luminance
  • Depth - atmospheric perspective verse liner perspective
  • Digital black and white workflow
  • Portraiture
  • Headshots
  • Posing the figure
  • Street photography
  • Writing your own artist statement
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Online presentation and publishing, including photo blogs, online galleries and websites
  • Going to press
  • Publishing a photography book
  • Curating your own work
  • How to organise an exhibition
  • How the art world works
  • Dealing with art galleries
  • Price pointing
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Branding yourself
  • Finding an audience
  • Designing a website
  • The beauty of paper
  • Soft proofing
  • Prepress preparation
  • Digital printing
  • Inkjet prints
  • Archival issues
  • Framing and mounting
  • Collecting photography
  • Ongoing learning and development     



  • Six 2 or 3 day workshops over a year in 2019
  • Full day of classroom sessions
  • Tea and coffee in classroom sessions
  • Tuition
  • Model hire
  • Ongoing support throughout course
  • Class notes
  • Lightroom Presets



  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Entry into display gardens and lighthouses


AUD$4950 full course fees - Reduced from AUD$6500 for 2019

10 easy monthly payments of AUD$500