Blue Mountains One Day Workshop


Blue Mountains One Day Workshop

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Our one day workshop is the ideal place to start your learning journey with Len Metcalf. We start the day with a sunrise shoot close to Katoomba and then stop for a break (enough time for a coffee shop breakfast if you wish). We then head to Katoomba for two educational sessions split with a lunch break. After afternoon tea we finish up the workshop with Len demonstrating his workflow.

Saturday 22nd June 2019

Winter Magic Festival - book your accomodation early!

"I'd highly recommend it if you are thinking of going to workshop." - Grant Galbraith

AUD$295 - on special normally AUD$395

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Set in the stunning UNESCO World Heritage listed Blue Mountains just two hours west of Sydney, this one day workshop will inspire you to improve your photography.

Join Len Metcalf for a day of photography and learning on this intensive workshop.

The format is primarily presentations by Len Metcalf, where he takes the most important aspects of his longer workshops and reveals as much about photography as he can in a day. It is an ideal introduction to the whole range of Len's photography workshops. 

Photograph Copyright © Len Metcalf

With an early morning photography shoot and two learning sessions over the rest of the day.

Less than two hours from Sydney, the Blue Mountains is a world heritage listed wilderness area, that is easily accessible for a day trip from Sydney.  Alternatively, you might like to book in to one of the many fabulous accommodation venues and make a weekend out of it.

Take a deep breath of crisp mountain air and relax.  Varied and vast, the Blue Mountains is a wonderful region to visit and photograph.  



Saturday 22nd June 2019 (Winter Magic Festival - Book your accommodation early)

5 am - 5 pm

Len runs these workshops twice a year



By the end of the workshop you will have:

  1. Len's five top secrets of photographic composition

  2. Len's method for getting the correct exposure and accurate focus

  3. More techniques for exploring your creativity

  4. Observed how a master landscape photographer approaches a scene and extracts the best possible image

  5. Techniques and ideas for critiquing your own work and the work of others

  6. Learnt a method to learn from other photographers work

  7. Had your own work professionally critiqued

  8. Shot in a stunning location

  9. Had your personal photographic questions answered



AUD $295  On special - Normally AUD $395

Full payment is required on booking




Start and finish locations are a short drive from Katoomba and will be provided prior to the day.  For those of you who are staying in Katoomba.

Classroom Sessions are at Hotel Blue

88 Lurline Street Katoomba, Blue Mountains, New South Wales  

Note: Classroom location may change.




From Sydney, head west along the M4 towards Penrith.  Join the Great Western Highway and follow the road as it weaves its way up into the mountains.  You might like to stop for a cup of tea or coffee in lovely Glenbrook on your way!  Usually, a one and half hour drive, though in some peak times and from some parts of Sydney this may be two hours.

By Train

The train ride from Central to Katoomba takes approximately two hours and offers some beautiful views as you climb into the mountains.   You can see the Sydney Trains timetable online here.


From the Airport

Take the train from Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney to Central then catch the Blue Mountains train right to Katoomba. Allow 2 1/2 hours for your journey from the airport.



There are many varied accommodation venues in Katoomba, from caravan parks, camp grounds and back packers, through to B&B's and amazing exclusive hotels.  All within a short walking distance from Katoomba Street. We pick up along the complete length of Katoomba & Lurline Streets. Here are some suggestions to suit most budgets.



Hotel Blue

Stay where the class is held - live music Friday and Saturday nights - this is one of the cheaper hotels in Katoomba, and the rooms are a little tired, yet are quaint and comfortable. The staff are friendly and fantastic, the food is great with an Asian bent, and therefore fresh and easy. You can get a drink at the bar. I often stay there to make the workshop so much easier without the restraints of extra walking or driving)

Hotel Blue   +61 2 4782 6922


ANOTHER RECOMMENDATION (consistently gets the best feedback from other clients)

Katoomba Town Centre Motel

Click here to visit their website or phone  +61 2 4782 1266


Other accommodation that gets consistently great feedback - Actually the best feedback we ever get.


CLOSEST ACCOMMODATION (within easy walking distance - maximum five minutes walk from the classroom.

Len Metcalf has been teaching photography for over thirty years, he is Australia's most highly regarded photography educator for delivering unique workshops. Len is a fine art photographer with a long impressive list of exhibitions under his belt. He has qualifications in Outdoor Guiding, Art & Photography, Art Education and Adult Education. Recently dubbed "The Photographers Photographer" for his evocative and sensitive imagery.

Len Metcalf has been teaching photography for over thirty years, he is Australia's most highly regarded photography educator for delivering unique workshops. Len is a fine art photographer with a long impressive list of exhibitions under his belt. He has qualifications in Outdoor Guiding, Art & Photography, Art Education and Adult Education. Recently dubbed "The Photographers Photographer" for his evocative and sensitive imagery.

ACCOMMODATION A LITTLE FURTHER (moderate walking distance 10 - 20 minutes)



18 participants  (minimum 4 required)



We start very early, predawn, so we are on site to capture the beautiful morning light.  For our shoot we meet on location (for those travelling by train, or who are staying in Katoomba we meet at the studio).  After our initial safety, location and subject briefing we explore and photograph an area.

During this shoot, Len is on hand to help you with your camera, composition and technique. At your side, when needed, you will find Len Metcalf's positive and encouraging teaching style, enabling and supporting you to capture stunning images.

Once the sun breaches the horizon and the morning colour has subsided we will stop for a break. Enough time for you to get yourself a hot breakfast and that heart-starting coffee in one of the many coffee shops in Katoomba. We recommend the Hatters Cafe.

At 9.30 am we reconvene at Hotel Blue in thier conference room. Here Len will answer your questions about photography and proceed to teach you more about getting that amazing photograph and photographic composition.

We stop for a lunch break, we are a short walk from Katoomba's amazing cafe culture. 

"I'd highly recommend it if you are thinking of going to a workshop." - Grant Galbraith

Len continues after lunch with his presentations. Inspiring you with his stunning photographs, and providing you with a handful of useful techniques and pointers to help you along in your learning journey.

After our break we will finish the day with Len demonstrating his workflow, image management, post processing and printing. We will finish up by 5.00 pm. So at the end of the day, you can then make your way home, or head out to dinner with some of the others in the group in one of the areas many restaurants.



This workshop requires an average level of fitness.  There will be a small amount of walking to and from shooting locations regularly on uneven surfaces with steps and inclines.  Distances rarely exceed one kilometre in each direction. If you have any doubts about your ability, please contact Len directly.  He is a qualified wilderness guide and will assess your fitness and mobility and find a solution for you.    


Katoomba is on a high plateau about 1000 metres above sea level. Temperatures are generally lower than Sydney. Spring days in the Blue Mountains often begin with a misty morning that burns off by mid-morning. This is caused by cold air sinking into the valleys overnight and rising as the day begins and can make for very atmospheric (but chilly!) morning shoots.  During spring, temperatures generally rise through the day, with crisp cool evenings.  Err on the safe side and come prepared for sun, wind, rain and temperatures from 5˚C to 28˚C.



  1. Camera and lenses

  2. Photographic prints for critique

  3. Tripod

  4. Camera back pack

  5. Water & refreshments

  6. Lunch or buy your own at a coffee shop

  7. Raincoat & wet weather pants

  8. Warm jacket and thermal underwear if needed

  9. Warm head wear and gloves (in the winter months)

  10. Sun protection (sun hat, long sleeve clothing and block out in the summer months)

  11. Sturdy shoes

  12. Your usual medications

  13. Spare batteries and memory

  14. Umbrella or weather proof camera cover

  15. Working head torch or flashlight.



The workshop is run in Katoomba and the shoot location will be close by and usually within a five minute drive from the classroom. Locations are varied at different times of the year and if people are returning for a second workshop. 



During the photography workshop we will meet regularly as a group to review our work and learn together.

Discussion topics include composition, camera technique, self-critique, and camera use.  Discussion topics are guided by the needs of the group and through the learning opportunities found at each location. 

You will also receive valuable feedback on your photographs from Len Metcalf.  Often these insights help you take your photography to the next level.

This is your unique opportunity to learn from the photographic master educator Len Metcalf.




Meals are not provided during this workshop. Afternoon tea is included. 



Meet us on location for our first shoot. Our early morning start is predawn, and we will finish at five pm.  We encourage carpooling.

Transport isn't included in this workshop, but if you are staying in Katoomba and would like a lift with Len, please contact us to make a suitable arrangement.



  • Afternoon tea

  • Group limited to 18 participants

  • Qualified, experienced wilderness photography guide

  • One-on-one instruction and guidance from accomplished local landscape photographer

  • Len’s School unique and gentle teaching style, which supports you and helps you develop as an artist.

  • Plenty of time to shoot at each location.

  • Calm, relaxing atmosphere, encouraging engagement and connection with the landscape

  • Suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced amateurs



  • Accommodation

  • Transport

  • Breakfast, lunch or Dinner

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Travel insurance (required). Click here for more information.



The professional and personal photography tuition and gourmet food was outstanding. The workshop helped me to further develop my visual literacy, in the classroom and on location at some visually stunning places.
— Kel Knox

“Thank you, Len. It’s been a wonderful week in your beloved mountains. You’ve been the perfect Pied Piper - a mine of information, freely given, a knowen of beautiful places, an unobtrusive and supportive teacher, sensitive to everyone’s needs, one of life’s truly good people. ”

— Sarah Fitzherbert

“Thanks again for a very enjoyable and informative workshop and the individual assistance you gave me during the week. I’ve received nice compliments on the photos you printed for me. I’ve said to people that while it was a landscape photography course, I see being in the Blue Mountains, seeing and experiencing it close-up as a bonus from the workshop. ”

— Graeme Masterman

"Had a fantastic day at Len's School on Saturday, inspired a whole new outlook at landscape photography."

- Nevile Thorogood


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