Photographic traineeships

Would you like to opportunity to study with Len Metcalf and Lens School for six months to a couple of years?

Len is actively seeking enthusiastic photographers to study with him throughout the year.

You don't need to be a fantastic advanced photographer to make the most of this opportunity. We are looking for photographers who are just starting out, who want to take their photography to the next level.

All your expenses are paid for when attending photography shoots, workshops, mentoring and photography tours.  Imagine been flown to Cradle Mountain for a week with Len on one of his magnificent landscape tours. Or attending his masterclass in various locations such as Myall Lakes, Jindabyne and the Blue Mountains. Or shooting along side Len in one of his figure shoots.

In return for your training and mentoring, you will be required to work for Len's School for an agreed period of time to repay your training costs. Simply put, you train for free and you pay it off with work.  We are seeking all manner of skills, from printing and framing artworks, to marketing, administration, promotions, photographic retouching, web design, building, carpentry, writing, project management, 4WD driver and cooking. You would also be required to assist on Len's photographic shoots. The amount of work you do for Len's School will be commensurate with the amount of training you undertake.  The amount of time and the roles you will undertake are negotiated in advance.

Yes there is another catch. And that is you must be sufficiently obsessed with photography to take advantage of the mentoring. You will have to bring photographs each time you meet up with Len and be willing to produce a meaningful body of work. It just isn't a case of attending the training. You will have to put in photographically to make the most out of this opportunity.

For the right person / people this is a unique opportunity, one that will save you thousands of dollars in training.

You may only be interested in attending one workshop or all in a year. Flexible work arrangements will be negotiated.

This option requires you going through an interview process and critique of your work as part of the consideration process.

Camel Rock, South Coast of NSW - a location we visit on the Sea scape workshop © Leonard Metcalf 2014

If you show the right aptitude we will train you up to run our photography walks.


  1. Time and commitment to photography

  2. Consistency & honesty

  3. Passion for photography

  4. Willingness to work hard

  5. People and communication skills to work effectively with clients

  6. A small online portfolio of work

  7. Some ideas for your future photographic directions

Before you apply make sure you have a good look through our website to know what sort of things you will be offered and what opportunities we have. This would best suit photographers that don't have a nine to five regular job.

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In your application make sure you outline what you would hope to achieve through the traineeship and what skills you have to offer us.
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