What is your sharpest lens and aperture combination?

Do you know which of your lenses is the sharpest lens?

If you only have zooms, do you know which focal length is the sharpest for your zoom?

Do you know which aperture is the sharpest?

My favorite resource for this information is


Look up all your lenses and see what you can find out. Write down the sharpest aperture for each of your lenses. If you have zooms there may be a number of graphs to look at to work out what focal length has the best aperture.

Now, go out and take really sharp photographs using this lens, zoom length if its your zoom lens, and aperture. Post some bellow. You may have to work hard as the sharpest aperture limits you with depth of field.

Make sure you are using a tripod or a fast shutter speed to ensure you are getting really sharp photographs.

My sharpest lens, is the Voitlander 25mm f0.95 at f2.8. Here is a shot at f2.8 in the Tarkine in Tasmania.

Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2019