Sepia Lens - Lightroom 6 Presets

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41 Antique Lens.jpg

Sepia Lens - Lightroom 6 Presets

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Over fifty of Len Metcalf’s Sepia Lens Presets. These are designed for Lightroom 6. If you are using Lightroom Classic CC, then this isn’t the right presets.

In this collection there are only Sepia Toned Monochrome Presets. This set includes the ones Len uses as a basis for most of his editing.

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These Sepia Lens Lightroom Presets are designed to be used on earlier versions of Lightroom. Particularly people that are not on the Creative Cloud. These are those of you who purchases Lightroom outright and haven’t upgraded to the subscription versions on Lightroom.

Once you have purchased these, your link is only valid for 24 hours.

There is no ongoing support or tuition with these presets. There are no guarantees.

How to install your presets in Lightroom 6

1. Open Lightroom and go to Develop Mode.

2. Click on the right button of the mouse to create a New Folder.

3. Right-click on the "New Folder" (you can rename it later), to import unzipped presets for Lightroom into created folder.

4. Browse to where you have saved the unzipped Lightroom presets folder (this is usually your "Downloads" or "Desktop" folders). Then select all the .lrtemplate files and click “Import”.

5. Now, you can use your presets for Lightroom.

Samples created with Len’s Sepia Presets in Lightroom 6