Wynn Bullock

I had to complete an interview last night, and one of the questions was influential photographers in my life.  Wynn Bullock is one of them.  I used to stare at his images in one of his books at art school, over there in Paddington. There is one image I can still remember thirty years later, so I have included it here.  The included short slideshow is a beautiful watch and only goes for 6 minutes... Beautifully edited and conceived.. The fade outs work perfectly, though are a little slow for my taste. 


Child in Forest © 1951 Wynn Bullock

Wynn Bullock (April 18, 1902 - November 16, 1975) is a recognized American master photographer of the 20th century whose work is included in over 90 major museum collections around the world. He received substantial critical acclaim during his lifetime, published numerous books and is mentioned in all the standard histories of modern photography.