Photomuse - I speak for the trees exhibition - India

 “I Speak for the Trees” began as a collaborative exhibition of photography in Australia curated by Len Metcalf in April 2017. The original show consisted of triptychs by five photographers. They were Mr.Herbert Ascherman (USA), Tim Parkin (UK), Mark Littlejohn (UK), Unni Pulikkal S. (India) and Len Metcalf (Australia).

The show then traveled to India to become part of the exhibition “Open Origins – Open Ends” curated by Unni Pulikkal S. Triptychs by Theo Berends (The Netherlands), Sake Elzinga (The Netherlands), Madhuraj (India) and Dileep Anthikad (India) were added to the exhibition at this stage.

The current exhibition, which is its third incarnation, opened on December 27, 2017, in PhotoMuse Rural Gallery in Kodaly, Kerala, India. This show features a selected body of images by Herbert Ascherman Jr., Len Metcalf, Tim Parkin, Mark Littlejohn, Theo Berends and Sake Elzinga. The show will continue until February 28, 2018.

The exhibition engages with the respectful representation of trees in various parts of the world as symbols of coexistence and objects of artistic inspiration.