Australian landscape photographers

I was recently asked for a list of Australian photographers whom I consider worth knowing. After supplying this list I thought you would be interested as well.  A few of them are so important to me I will make them into their own posts.  I think this is going to be an ongoing list with a couple of revisions. The starting point for this list has to be Peter Dombrovskis.

 He has to be Australia's most influential and important landscape photographer. His photograph led the save the Franklin River campaign.  The image was chosen by Bob Brown and used in a National marketing advertisements. It has been said that with this single issue the new government in Australia was formed, hence saving this beautiful wild river. For those that are interested I am planning a photographers trip down this wild river on a raft for those of you with a real sense of adventure and a month of time free.

Peter is the only Australian landscape photographer to enter the International Photography Hall of Fame, and deservedly so.

Some other photographers I recommend you research and get to know are:

  • Olegas Truchanas
  • Gordon Undy
  • Peter Jarver
  • Harry Nankin
  • Nicolas Caire
  • Max Dupain
  • The Sydney photographic circle more info here
  • Chris Bell
  • Murray Fredricks
  • David Tatnall
  • Henry Gold
  • Peter Elliston
  • Cazneaux
  • Harry Philips
  • Olive Cotton
  • David Moore
  • Frank Hurley
  • Mike Stacey
  • Ian Brown
  • Peter Eastway
  • Nic Rains
  • Ken Duncan
  • Peter Lik

Many thanks Steve Coleman for posing this question to me...

  • Len Metcalf (can I put my own name on this list? lol, I wish..)
Ferns in the mist, ACT Botanic Gardens, rainforest gully © Len Metcalf

Ferns in the mist, ACT Botanic Gardens, rainforest gully © Len Metcalf