Focused Lens 2018

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Focused Lens 2018

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A mentoring program to take you to that next level. Imagine being inspired and supported to work on your own photographic projects. Printing your work regularly and presenting it for valuable and informative supportive feedback. 

Ten sessions over a year, of 13 days, including 3 weekends, this is the program that will push you further. Unlike any other photography workshop, this program is unique. 


"Dear Len, Thank you for your time and wisdom this year. Your guidance has been invaluable. It is always a pleasure to be taught by you." - Monica Bailey

Was AUD$2950 now AUD$1500

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Focused Lens is a program that takes you on a facilitated photographic journey. Over a year you will create at least one project concept, plan and develop images to produce a final series of photographs. As you progress you will bring your work to the regular sessions for feedback, encouragement and support. You will have access to a master photographer to help you solve any problems you may encounter. This is an ideal place to continue to develop your photography within a supportive and social environment.

A facilitated visual journey working on your own photographic project. Guided by Len Metcalf, you will develop, produce and present a visual series of images that you have worked on over an extended period of time.  Nine Sunday sessions will introduce you to the idea of a project, introducing you to some tools for project management. 

Each Sunday will include presentations by Len, reviews of homework exercises and critiques of your work.

Inspired by a passion to help people grow visually. It has been developed with the five years experience with his master class.




There are a few exclusions on this course.

Negativity and your ego are to be left at the door.

You must bring physical prints to each class for critique and feedback.

You are required to document your progress and plan out your project. You won't be required to follow it though, and you will be expected to modify if as your work grows and develops throughout the process.

The Focussed Lens course culminates in large group presentation and critique of your work.

We will come together with other Focused Lens photographers for the final session so that you can gain insights from other people's journeys and become inspired with the work of others.

It is a social course, with time for a coffee and a chat, and perhaps make some new friends. Share ideas over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

"Focused Lens isn't about having sharp photographs. It is about being clear, focused and directed in your photographic projects. Working towards a finished series presented as a physical product is one of the keys to successful image making, personal skill development and growth of content. A fun, sure-fire way to keep inspired and improving photographically."



  • Training and inspiration from Len at every session
  • Questions answered at every session
  • Feedback and ongoing critiques of your work
  • Advice and support
  • Learn from your peers
  • Gain support from your peers
  • Positive and supportive environment
  • Access to Len's personal photographic library of books and videos
  • 35 years teaching and facilitation experience
  • Generous in-depth photographic experience shared
  • The reward of producing a product and showing others your work
  • Develop a photographic community - make friends
  • Drinks and snacks provided at every session (main meals not included)



Morning session: Presentation, review of homework exercises and critiques.


Afternoon - Critiques


Meet at 9.00 am for a 9.30 start and finish at 4.30 / 5.00 pm on the individual Sundays

Weekends will have a full timetable of shoots, presentations and critiques. Times to be advised.




AUD 2950 reduced to AUD 1500 for 2018

Thats less than $120 per day

Payment plans to suit your individual finances

No discounts or discount codes are accepted on this program.



  1. Intermediate photography skills



  1. Camera
  2. Can print photographs (at home or by a bureau)
  3. Must bring prints to each class for critique
  4. Access to internet
  5. Ideas for projects
  6. Can regularly come to class
  7. Participates in discussions and gives carefully thought out constructive feedback
  8. Has time to work on photographic projects
  9. Enthusiasm to learn, grow, develop and produce



  • Seven individual Sundays
  • Three full weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Various locations, including; Kiama, Katoomba & Sydney
  • Sessions approximately monthly
  • Minimum number of students required to start
  • Maximum group size is ten
  • Sydney Studio is currently at 12 Third Avenue Willoughby East
  • Other Sydney based locations to be negotiated and announced



All Styles and Subjects Welcome and encouraged

  • Straight Photography
  • Abstract Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Flower Photography
  • Colour Photography
  • Monochrome Photography
  • Film Photography
  • Digital Photography
  • Digitial Art
  • Impressionist Photography
  • Expressionist Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Bird Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Personal Photography
  • Your own style of Photography


  1. Series of eight photographs
  2. Book
  3. Exhibition
  4. Portfolio
  5. Website - gallery
  6. Story
  7. Magazine article
  8. Calendar
  9. Greeting cards
  10. T-shirts
  11. Business identity (eg for a band)
  12. Document your family and friends
  13. Document your special location
  14. Join a professional photography association and prepare your portfolio
  15. Prepare works for a judging at professional association
  16. Process and print your back catalogue

Creating a photographic object, as simple as a print or as complex as a book, gives us positive feedback, increases our self-esteem and drives us forward with new work.

Anything is possible...



"To dearest Len, Thanks again for a wonderfully inspirational year in Focused Lens 2015! It's always such a fabulous learning opportunity for us all. "

- Fiona Huddleston

"I've been doing a number of courses with Len's School in the past few years starting with Len's Master Class. Now I'm in the middle of 'Focused Lens' season 2.

Now the first thing that Len tells you when you start on a new project is to do your research. Google! Find out what kind of pictures you like, try to figure out why you like them. Then try to create a project description, a theme that defines what you're after but also focuses you to stay on course and not wander off and do something completely different. And suddenly you’re thinking about techniques and exploring new skills and capabilities.

You're forced to work out how to take the photograph with the look you’re after, figure out how your example photos were done. I've learned so much about my camera and improved my capabilities this way. The nice thing about Focused Lens is that you're supposed to bring in some shots every session and if you take it seriously you're eyes begin to have this filter and are scanning your environment most of the time if not all the time."

- Andreas Gschwind

"Dear Len, Thank you for your time and wisdom this year. Your guidance has been invaluable. It is always a pleasure to be taught by you."

Monica Bailey

"Len, Thank you for your feedback, support & advice in completing my street photography project through the Inner West Photo group back in 2013."

- Aldo Pena

"I also wanted to be there to thank you again for your tireless support, teaching and wisdom. Without you I wouldn't yet have had a body of work approved by the AIPP which has pushed me on to want to go to the next level. Had we still lived in Willoughby I would have rebooked for the next mentoring journey too."

- Fiona Klat-Smith


  1. Sunday 21st January 2018 Willoughby (Homework due: Out of Focus)
  2. Sunday 18th February 2018 Venue to be announced (Homework Due: Double Exposure)
  3. Weekend 3rd & 4th March 2018 Kiama (Homework due: Intentional Camera Movement)
  4. Easter Sunday 1st April 2018 Willoughby (Homework due: Long Exposures)
  5. Weekend 23rd & 24th June 2018 Blue Mountains (Homework due: Colour exercise Blue & Yellow)
  6. Sunday 15th July 2018 Willoughby (Homework due: Process four of the set photographs)
  7. Sunday 26th August 2018 Venue to be announced (Homework due: Photograph your local area)
  8. Sunday 23rd September 2018 Willoughby (Homework due: monochrome low key)
  9. Sunday 4th November 2018 Venue to be announced (Homework due: High key colour)
  10. Weekend 8th & 9th December 2018 Blue Mountains (Homework due: Final presentations of projects)