Digital Black and White Photography Workshop

Grose Valley
The Three Sisters
Grose Valley
The Three Sisters

Digital Black and White Photography Workshop


Spend a photographic weekend with Len Metcalf in Katoomba, learning his simple method for digital black and white photography. A lovely mix of classroom and location shoots. An ideal introduction to monochrome photography.

9th & 10th September 2017

"I truly want to thank YOU for such an amazing weekend. You were so generous with your time, your expertise, with sharing your work and what you think makes a good photo great, and particularly generous with yourself. That might sound a bit strange but you gave so much of yourself on the weekend and I so valued that. It's a unique experience to be able to feel the energy and the passion that drive a creative talent - and you shared that with us too. Thank you!!" - Fiona Huddleston


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Digital Black and White Photography Workshop

Katoomba - Blue Mountains

8th & 9th September 2017

Set in the stunning UNESCO World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, this weekend will inspire you to take your photography to the next level.

Join Len Metcalf for a weekend of learning digital monochrome landscape photography on this group photography workshop.

Without the burden of expensive organised accommodation, you are free to pick your own to suit your budget. 

We will spend some time in the classroom looking at your work and giving you valuable feedback on your progress.

Take a weekend away from daily life and treat yourself to a nurturing photographic journey. 

Less than two hours from Sydney, the Blue Mountains is a world heritage listed wilderness area where you can explore windswept sandstone escarpments, ancient valleys, quiet eucalypts stands, temperate rain-forests and pretty creeks and waterfalls. 

Take a deep breath of crisp mountain air and relax.  Varied and vast, the Blue Mountains is a wonderful region to visit and photograph.  





8th & 9th September 2017

Introductory session Sunday 7th September 7 - 9 pm



Start and finish daily at our classroom at Hotel Blue

88 Lurline Street Katoomba, Blue Mountains, New South Wales  




From Sydney, head west along the M4 towards Penrith.  Join the Great Western Highway and follow the road as it weaves its way up into the mountains.  You might like to stop for a cup of tea or coffee in lovely Glenbrook on your way! 


By Train

The train ride from Central to Katoomba takes approximately two hours and offers some beautiful views as you climb into the mountains.   You can see the Sydney Trains timetable online here.



There are many varied accommodation venues in Katoomba, from caravan parks, camp grounds and back packers, through to B&B's and amazing exclusive hotels.  All within a short walking distance from Katoomba Street. We pick up along the complete length of Katoomba & Lurline Streets. Here are some suggestions to suit most budgets.

THE EASIEST AND MOST CONVENIENT   (where we are running the workshop from)

Hotel Blue   Phone: (02) 4782 6922    

OUR RECOMMENDATION (consistently gets the best feedback from other clients, though will be fine minutes walk)

Katoomba Town Centre Motel

Click here to visit their website or phone  +61 2 4782 1266

OTHER ACCOMMODATION (within easy walking distance - maximum five minutes walk):

ACCOMMODATION A LITTLE FURTHER (moderate walking distance 10 - 20 minutes)


10 participants



Friday night we meet, and Len will take you through visualising in Black and White. He will outline what to look for when creating a dynamic and captivating black and white photograph. He will show you how he sets up his camera, and briefly outline his workflow, from camera, through Lightroom to print. 

We start very early at predawn on Saturday morning so we are on site to capture sunrise. Once the full sun streams into our location we will stop for a short break so you can breakfast in a local coffee shop or at your accommodation venue. 

We will then return to our classroom at Hotel Blue, where Len will show you how to compose your images in Black and White. We will stop for a lunch break, and in the afternoon Len will continue with his presentations on Digital Black and White Photography. 

Late afternoon will see the group depart the classroom for our evening shoot. Len will be on hand to help you with your photographs, guide you in seeing and with your composition. After this last shoot of the day we will break for the evening.

Sunday starts again with an early morning shoot, and again we stop for a breakfast break.

On returning to our classroom at Hotel Blue, we will be looking at post processing your images in Lightroom, and MacPhun Tonality (similar to NIK Silver EFX). After our lunch break, we will print our photographs and spend the afternoon critiquing our work. 

All of the shoots are in amazing locations, and you will be rewarded with a wide variety of environments to shoot in, all at the best time to photograph each of them.

At your side, when needed, you will find Len Metcalf's supportive and encouraging teaching style, enabling and supporting you to capture stunning images.



On the Friday night we will get together over cheese and drinks from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm where Len will walk you through the workshop and will inspire you with a presentation of his work focusing on composition. This will be at our classroom in Hotel Blue in Katoomba.



This trip requires an average level of fitness.  There will be a reasonable amount of walking to and from shooting locations regularly on uneven surfaces with steps and inclines.  If you have any doubts about your ability, please contact Len directly.  He is a qualified wilderness guide and will assess your fitness and mobility and find a solution for you.    


Katoomba is on a high plateau about 1000 metres above sea level. Temperatures are generally lower than Sydney. Spring days in the Blue Mountains often begin with a misty morning that burns off by mid-morning. This is caused by cold air sinking into the valleys overnight and rising as the day begins and can make for very atmospheric (but chilly!) morning shoots.  During spring, temperatures generally rise through the day, with crisp cool evenings.  Err on the safe side and come prepared for sun, wind, rain and temperatures from 0˚C to 15˚C.


What to bring

  1. Camera and lenses
  2. Tripod
  3. Neutral density filters (10 stop recommended)
  4. Camera back pack
  5. Water & refreshments
  6. Raincoat & wet weather pants
  7. Warm jacket and thermal underwear if needed
  8. Warm head wear and gloves
  9. Sun protection (sun hat, long sleeve clothing and block out)
  10. Sturdy shoes
  11. Usual medications
  12. Spare batteries and memory
  13. Travel and medical insurance + Ambulance cover for duration of tour
  14. Umbrella or weather proof camera cover

When you book you will receive a detailed packing list to help you plan for the mountains.  Click here to see the packing list now.  


  • Rainforest
  • Tumbling creeks
  • Small and large waterfalls
  • Green moss covered scenes
  • Ferns
  • Board walks
  • Old rustic and historic buildings
  • Gum trees
  • Mosses and lichens
  • Cliffs
  • Waterfalls
  • Canyons



During the photography weekend Len will cover:

  1. Black and White Photographic Composition
  2. Visualising in monochrome
  3. Ensuring the correct exposure for black and white
  4. Understanding digital filters
  5. Processing in Lightroom and MacPhun Tonality (similar & transferable to NIK Silver EFX)
  6. Camera settings and using your camera to effectively shoot in monochrome
  7. Preparing your photograph for printing (Len's easy method)
  8. Lens Method for Digital Monochrome Photography
  9. Len's method for creating his Sepia Lens photographs.

You will also receive valuable feedback on your photographs from Len Metcalf.  Often these insights help you take your photography to the next level.

This is your unique opportunity to learn from the photographic master Len Metcalf.



Meals are not provided on this workshop. We will be offering morning and afternoon tea



We usually car pool for this workshop. Though if you catch the train up from Sydney, Len is happy to transport you throughout the workshop. Please inform us in the notes at the time of booking if you think this may be you.

All locations for shooting are within ten minutes drive of the classroom in the heart of Katoomba.


Leonard Metcalf is a qualified and experienced trekking guide with 30 years of experience guiding groups to remote destinations.  He knows what you need to keep yourself comfortable in the harshest environments on earth.  Click here to see his Blue Mountains packing list now.




  • Delicious morning and afternoon teas
  • All transport ex the classroom at Katoomba if required
  • Small groups limited to 10 participants
  • Cheeses and snacks on Friday evening for the initial briefing
  • Qualified, experienced wilderness photography guide
  • One-on-one instruction and guidance from accomplished local landscape photographer
  • Len’s School unique and gentle teaching style, which supports you and helps you develop as an artist.  
  • Plenty of time to shoot at each location. 
  • Calm, relaxing atmosphere, encouraging engagement and connection with the landscape
  • Suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to professionals



  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport to and from the Katoomba prior to and after the tour
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance (required).  Click here for more information.


When you book you are required to agree to our terms and conditions. They can be read here.



Hi Len,

My sincere thanks for an excellent weekend of photography. What an excellent combination!

Len, I learnt a lot about shooting, setting up the camera and post processing. In particular, your method for Split Toning is truly excellent. I have used it a couple more times with very pleasing results.

You were definitely one of the better workshops I have been to and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Len’s School.

Thanks again.

Best wishes, Steve
— S t e v e M u l l a r k e y