Journeys of the Heart


Journeys of the Heart


Photography by Len Metcalf

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journeys of the heart


Photographs by Len Metcalf

Published February 2015, Arbon Publishing

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During the passing of her husband – swimming legend Murray Rose – in 2012, Jodi Rose was thrust into the role of care giver, assisting Murray in his final months of life. Unable to find a book to guide her through this journey, Jodi decided to write Journeys of the Heart: Carers’ Stories of Love, Loss and Transformation as a companion guide for others who find themselves navigating these new and unfamiliar waters.

Journeys of the Heart is a book about love, compassion and the resilience of the human spirit. Presented within its pages is a wide spectrum of carers’ experiences, from Jodi’s own story to those of many others, including a number of medical professionals, who have cared for a loved one as they faced death. Some, like Jodi, lost their life partner. Others cared for parents or siblings as they travelled towards the unknown. Yet others were faced with the terrible knowledge that they would lose a precious child. Despite these profound challenges, each carer ultimately found the courage to be present for their loved one and to achieve a level of acceptance following their loss.

Each story is unique and gives us beneficial insights into the carer’s role – its challenges as well as its rewards. In talking about their experiences, the contributors reveal some of the lessons in healing and transformation they learnt along their journeys. Jodi and her fellow carers have generously and bravely opened their hearts and lives to us. For anyone travelling the way of a carer for a loved one, their stories offer comfort and inspiration and may lessen the feeling of being alone.

While hundreds of thousands of Australians act as caregivers for their loved ones every day, the subject of caregiving – in particular palliative care – is still considered an uncomfortable topic. Journeys of the Heart approaches this delicate issue in a supportive and gentle but unflinching manner. Readers will find strength and comfort, as well as practical advice, within its pages.

Journeys of the Heart has received glowing reviews from many highly esteemed members of Australia’s medical community. Many professionals have cited this book as a much needed resource of practical advice and wisdom on how to deal with the emotional and spiritual challenges of taking care of a loved one who is facing death – challenges that often cannot be addressed by medical expertise alone.


Jodi Rose’s world has always revolved around the rich tradition of classical ballet, and she began her career in New York with the Joffrey Ballet, going on to become a Principal ballerina and direct her own dance company. It was after the death of her husband in 2012 that life threw her into the arena of end-of-life transitions. A number of public speaking appearances – including at Sacred Heart Health Service and Sydney University’s School of Medicine – have shown Jodi’s deep commitment to helping develop new programs in Australia to assist and support the vital role that carers play in end-of-life transitions.