Tim Parkin & Joe Cornish discuss their Lightroom practices and thinking behind editing some photographs.

Tim Parkin and Joe Cornish talk show and tell us about lightroom. In the first part our new guide to Lightroom for Landscape Photographers we take a look at the environment -- how you view and assess images.

This is the second part of an ongoing guide to interpreting images using Adobe Lightroom.

Welcome to the third part of our series talking about the use of Lightroom for the processing landscape photographs. This instalment looks at the graduated filter and the adjustment brush.

In this issue's Lightroom guide we took a second look at the adjustment brush and graduated filter brush.

Here is a new tutorial showing you how to enhance the colors and quality of your Milky Way photography. Program: Adobe Lightroom CC. Check out my website and pages for more. http://shainblumphoto.com/ https://instagram.com/shainblumphotography/ https://www.facebook.com/shainblumphoto