4th February – 29 November 2014 (4 terms)

Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:30pm

Len's Studio Willoughby


About Len’s Master Class

Len’s master class is an immersion course for the true enthusiast.  Students will be required to devote time each week to set exercises and personal photographic projects.

The course goes for one year, with all students encouraged to work towards a body of work around a central theme.  It culminates in a group exhibition at the end of the year.

Out of all of the programs that Len Metcalf runs, this course is designed for serious enthusiasts and aspiring professionals looking to take their photography to the next level.

If you would like to be challenged, supported, laugh and grow, start your photographic journey with Len's School today.  


A bit of history . . .

Len’s first master class was held in the Blue Mountains in 2010.  The course was originally designed for one of Len’s mates who was looking to improve his photography, but couldn’t find a course that met his needs: a well-structured course that had the right balance of the technical and intuitive, theoretical and hands-on.  The success of the first course has led Len to continue to run and develop the program. 

Since then the course has been growing and evolving each year, with some graduates going on to run their own solo and group exhibitions and a few starting careers in professional photography.

Read on for more information or start your journey through Len’s Master Class right now.  Call Len's School on 1300 85 81 69 or email us at lensschool@gmail.com to enroll today.


"Len's master class took my photography to the next level. I enjoyed the class very much, learnt a lot, met a great group of people who have inspired me to take my photography to take my photography further."

- Sue Lightfoot

Len’s School Master Class 2015 Details


Understanding chiaroscuro - Term 3 - Result from classroom exercise 2014 Master Class


4th February – 29 November 2015

Wednesday evenings 6:30 - 9:30pm


Delivery schedule 

95 hours over 4 terms.  There are seven 3hr sessions per term, exact dates TBA.  There are also 4 full day excursions (1 per term), with dates open to discussion.



Len's Studio

12 Third Avenue Willoughby East, Sydney, Australia


Class Size 

Maximum 10 participants



As long as you have a camera and love photography there are no prerequisites for this course.  If you are passionate about developing your craft and committed to building your skills, knowledge and creative intuition, read on or book now by calling Len's School on 1300 85 81 69 or emailing us at lensschool@gmail.com.


Course Content 

Term 1

Technical Lens

Develop your camera and processing skills in this term. Look at your process for taking photographs. 

Term 2

Creative Lens

Develop your understanding of composition, colour and creativity.

In our weekly classes we will study the works of master photographers and philosophers, exploring how we can position ourselves within a rich and inspiring tradition of landscape photographers.

Term 3

Black and white Lens

In this term we explore black and white photography, examining ways to convert images and compose using tones. We will work mainly with figures and people during this term.

Term 4

Exhibiting Lens

In this term we explore digital printing, film, darkrooms, creating books, websites, exhibiting and presenting your work to a wider audience.  As part of our learning this semester we will organize, market and hold a group show.


For more information on the masterclass course outcomes and what will be covered each term, click here.

Framing devices- Term 1


What to bring





3 or more prints of your photographs

Comfortable clothing


Computer with image processing software.  Lightroom preferred.


What’s included?

Tea, coffee, refreshments and nibblies at each class

Access to all of Len’s online resources

Access to Len’s extensive camera collection, library and other photographic resources

28 three hour sessions

Exclusive discounts at Summit Gear and Mainline Photographics.  Ask Len for more information.




What equipment will I need?

Required: Camera 

Recommended: Computer with image processing software installed (Picasa, Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop etc). Notebook and pen.


Can I use an iPhone or a point and shoot?

Yes!  You’re welcome to attend our shoots and workshops with your current camera, even if it is an iPhone or a point and shoot.  Film cameras are also welcome.

If you are planning on upgrading your camera, we recommend that you attend some training first so that we can help you purchase the best camera for your needs.

 If you have any questions about your camera please contact Len.


How much time does the homework take?

That really depends on your passion and commitment to learn. Three hours a week would probably be enough, but six hours a week would be just fantastic. It’s entirely up to you.


Are there extra costs?

This is also up to you. There may be costs associated with the end of year exhibition, printing your work, paper and inks, but you can always minimize costs by choosing the right option for you.


What will I need for the field trips?

Your camera, notebook and pen plus a small day pack or camera pack, 1 liter water bottle, rain coat, sturdy shoes and  a warm jacket. A tripod is highly recommended.


What do I bring to the first class?

A pen, paper, your camera and three of your photographic prints to show the class.


I am a film junkie, can I still come to the course? 

Of course!  You’re more than welcome and will certainly benefit form the course, though you will probably find yourself surrounded by digital photographers.


How do I book in?

You can book online below or get in touch.  Send us an email at lensschool@gmail.com or give us a call on 1300 85 81 69



Learning how to critique images and put said skills into practice on our own and our groups work has been invaluable in making me think more about all the different elements that make up a good image. Having weekly homework and setting a goal for the end of term makes you get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Many thanks Len for your hard work and caring attitude. With your guidance I feel my skills as a photographer has grown along with my understanding of the art form and its many aspects.
— Anne Baker

The course this year has been fabulous. When I reflect on what I have learnt, it is very difficult to describe. At one level it is easy. I have learnt many new techniques and I have connected with a much broader photographic community than previously. 

The aspect that is more difficult to put into words, is the way I have grown and matured as a photographer. Your course has given me structure, it has challenged me in ways that I have never been challenged before, it has made me think in a new ways and it has given me the confidence to take risks with my photography. 

In your own quiet way you have allowed me to discover a photographer within that I had not previously been confident enough to recognise. I am now attempting different types of photography than before. You have helped me discover what my strengths are, or more importantly, what my photographic strengths can be. I find myself speaking about my work with more confidence than ever before. I’m not afraid to use photographic and artistic language in discussions about my work. You’ve given me language I can use and you’ve believed in my photography enough for me to feel pride in what I’ve produced this year. This in itself is a major outcome. I started the year knowing I loved photography but not knowing if I had the potential to be really good at it.
— Shirley Steel
The homework and projects that were set not only enabled us to use the information learnt in our own work, but allowed Len to guide us to produce some outstanding work throughout the year. This culminated in an end of year exhibition. This was daunting at the beginning of the year, but with the extra knowledge and confidence gained throughout the year, it became an exciting prospect. Len’s teaching and leadership has helped me to create a style of my own that I am comfortable with, but I’m also willing now to try different ways to communicate with my audience. I have learnt to watch the light more and be patient, both with myself and the subject. I believe I will continue now to grow as a photographer thanks to Len’s class. I cannot thank him enough.
— Dot Radley
Len is a master of adult education to the point where you assimilate information without even realising it. I was guided to focus in new areas of photography revealing strengths that I did not know I had. It challenged and stretched me well beyond any of the photographic courses I had done before. I am completing the course with a much greater depth of knowledge; of skills; of confidence and a vibrant excitement with photography.T he dynamics of the group, gently guided by Len, contributed greatly to the best course I have ever done.
— Paul Hulbert