Flannel Flowers

0276 24 x 30 inches.jpg
0276 24 x 30 inches.jpg

Flannel Flowers


A limited edition hand printed photogravure by Len Metcalf. 

This stunning photograph of the nude model Tash in a field of Flannel Flowers was captured on 4x5 inch film and lovingly hand printed as an intaglio print by Len.

The photograph is transferred onto a photo-polymer plate, etched and then hand printed by Len Metcalf in an etching press onto cotton rag paper.

Once the edition is printed the plate is destroyed.

This edition is limited to three prints and a number of artists proofs that are not for sale Hors Commerce.

This print is 10 x 15 cm in size printed with a generous border. The plate marks can clearly be seen.

The print is signed, titled and numbered. The print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Len guarantees that no further prints of this photograph will ever be made.

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